Friday, July 22, 2022

Former Feminist Virginia Foxx Becomes Aunt Lydia


Virginia Foxx, after she takes
her makeup off

Yesterday, the Right to Contraception Act passed the US House 228-195. The bill affirms an individual’s right to access and use contraceptive methods, health care providers’ right to prescribe them, and allows for the Justice Department and individuals harmed by the refusal of contraceptives to seek legal recourse.

Who voted against it. Why Virginia Foxx did, former feminist and once-upon-a-time supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment back in the day, before she understood that her path to power would necessarily be paved with her discarded former beliefs.

In Boone and its suburbs, she used to be considered something of a fierce warrior for women's rights. Now she signs onto the most repressive, backward, and ridiculous anti-female Republican positions.

Also voting "nay" on the right to contraception were all the other seven Republican reps from North Carolina, including that idiot who wants to be our next senator, Ted Budd, and that other idiot who just lost his primary, Madison Cawthorn. They're all in lockstep and total agreement about what women can expect from the Trumpified GOP.

Nuttin', Baby, but forced status as brood mares.

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