Friday, April 23, 2021

Virginia Foxx Grabs #MadCaw Endorsement


Bo Hines (2nd from left), chatting
up the boys in the AppState
Young Republicans club

Virginia Foxx is bragging that immature adult human Madison Cawthorn has endorsed her for reelection to Congress.

Hardly seems like a natural fit, but it's interesting that Foxx bagged herself #MadCaw before her #MadCaw wannabe primary challenger Bo Hines could do so.

Bo Hines would seem much more the likely candidate for Cawthorn's endorsement. Hines is about the same age and casts approximately the same hard-right profile. He's all America First Trumpist and thinks Virginia Foxx has been in Congress past her shelf-life. You might suppose that an unlikely insurgent like Madison Cawthorn would be drawn to unlikely insurgent Bo Hines.

And why the massively studious Virginia Foxx would relish the endorsement of that ignorant man-child is passing strange. Except that Hines is working hard to undercut her with college-age voters.

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