Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Sigh. Another Republican Seat in Congress


Busy news day yesterday, which included the totally unsurprising and wholly expected development that the US Census says North Carolina will get a 14th Congressional seat, due to our attractiveness to in-migrants. Naturally, the Republicans in the General Assembly will be totally fair in their drawing of new maps [snort!]. Right now the NC delegation in Congress is 9-4, Republican-Democrat, and we can just about guarantee that it'll be 10-4 after new maps are drawn and ten seconds before the lawsuits fly.

[Sorry, but I was wrong above. The current NC Congressional delegates is 8-5, majority R. The R majority in the General Assembly intend to right that historic wrong.]

Tim Moore.
Will NC's newest CD be gift-wrapped
for him?

Lekha Shupeck published on Twitter a screenshot, apparently from a Carolina Journal group (Art Pope), of what the Republican scheme might be:

Hmmm. Democratic representatives Alma Adams, David Price, Deborah Ross, and G.K. Butterfield left unmolested, with new Democratic Rep. Kathy Manning targeted for elimination, and the new 14th District drawn to accommodate the ambitions of House Speaker and champion at self-aggrandisement Tim Moore of Gaston County. Sounds about right. 

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