Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Make a Note: Beverly Boswell Is Not a Nurse

Beverly Boswell
We profiled Republican NC House member Beverly Boswell (House District 6) on February 22, along with her Democratic opponent, Tess Judge. Since that writing, we noticed that Real Fact NC characterized her as "deeply unpopular" in the 6th District.

Her personality came through quite clearly in a recent Facebook post when she criticized high school students protesting assault rifles as "Tide pod eaters."

John Burns, a Democratic Wake County commissioner from Raleigh, told Boswell on Facebook that she should be ashamed of herself. "To denigrate these children for taking a stand is the height of arrogance and ignorance. A dangerous combination," Burns posted. "Until you solve either the arrogance or the ignorance, kindly stick to your district and mind your own business."

Then today, Boswell gets called out for impersonating a registered nurse.

Go back and read about Tess Judge who's running against her this November (if Boswell survives her Republican primary). If you've got spare change, send it Tess Judge's way:

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