Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bill Aceto Acted Unilaterally in Demanding No Early Voting Site at ASU Student Union

Nancy Owen
So it's abundantly clear that Watauga Board of Elections Chair Bill Aceto acted unilaterally -- on his own -- while implying that he was speaking for "the Board of Elections" in demanding that no one ask for nor expect an Early Voting site in the ASU Student Union this November (where more people voted early per hour during the March primary than at all other Early Voting sites combined in the county). Aceto penned his letters to ASU Chancellor Sheri Everts, Caldwell Community College President Ken Boham, and the ASU Student Government Assn. without even informing nor consulting with his fellow Republican member Nancy Owen. (Aceto's letters are reproduced verbatim in the previous two posts, down column.)

Nancy Owen, who's actually the secretary of the Board, was kept in the dark. So if it wasn't clear to her before, she should know by now that she's merely a tool of Bill Aceto and of the real director of the Board of Elections, county attorney Stacy C. Eggers IV ("Four"). She's merely taken the place of the previous tool, Four Eggers' own brother Luke.

Nancy Owen certainly knows the "party line" -- prevent ASU student-voting at all costs -- but does she realize the damage being done to her own reputation? Or does she care?


Anonymous said...

Secretary? Stooge.....yes!

Anonymous said...

Wait didn't you rail about collusion before? Can't have both sides of that argument sorry!