Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roy Cooper Saves Jobs for North Carolina, While Gov. McCrory Sputters

Attorney General Roy Cooper
Braeburn Pharmaceuticals was planning a $20 million expansion into North Carolina, with 52 new high-paying jobs, but HB2 made the company change its mind. "After the passage of this [HB2] --what we consider quite unjust law -- we decided to rethink the situation," said the president of Braeburn Pharmaceuticals.

Bottomline: the company has decided to stay and complete its expansion in North Carolina. Why? Not because of our "Carolina Comeback" governor, though Squishy wants to claim the credit. No, it was because of our Democratic Attorney General. "Roy Cooper absolutely pushed us to stay and fight [the injustice] from within," the Braeburn president said.

Meanwhile, Gov. McCrory's fiction-writers put out a press release taking credit essentially for Braeburn's turnaround and blaming Roy Cooper for driving away business from the state. When the truth is exactly the opposite of that.

And now the governor's prevarication has been exposed by a WFAE report. Once the governor's "yarn" was exposed, his press office suddenly clammed up about their claims, while the president of Braeburn Pharmaceuticals had plenty to say.

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Anonymous said...

NCGOP has no honor or shame. They lie constantly. It's a huge problem. What's worse, the people who blindly believe anything coming out of McCrory's mouth (there are far too many who do!)

HB2 is one of the most damaging bills in NC history - an unenforceable law that has cost the state billions. And it unleashes state control over local issues. NCGOP has no regard for the ideals of its own party.