Monday, May 09, 2016

Gov. Squishy Attempts To Form a Coherent Thought. Epic Fail

On Fox News Sunday yesterday, the following "sentence" came out of Pat McCrory's mouth, an attempt to explain why he would/could not assent to the U.S. Justice Department's Monday deadline:

“I’m not going to publicly announce that something discriminates, which is agreeing with their letter, because we’re really talking about a letter in which they’re trying to define gender identity, and there is no clear definition of gender identity.”

Perhaps realizing that he was making no sense whatsoever, tipped off by the tiny bubble of poisonous spit forming on the right side of Chris Wallace's mouth, McCrory hurriedly reverted to his rehearsed talking point:  

“It’s the federal government being a bully.”

Whew! That was close. McCrory was almost lost forever in the swamp of his confused, misinformed, and country-club addled brain. But he pulled it out! It's the federal government being a bully! Hurray!

Never mind the bullying of transgender citizens by the Republican super-majority in the North Carolina General Assembly, the bullying which McCrory sanctioned by his signature and which he now desperately wants to forget.

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