Monday, May 09, 2016

When Logic Fails, Throw "Liberal" at Them!

After Gov. McCrory tried to claim on Fox News Sunday that the federal government is “telling every university that accepts federal funding that boys who may think they're a girl can go into a girls' locker room or restroom or shower facility,” host Chris Wallace pressed McCrory on his party’s repeated attempts to portray transgender people as perverts and pedophiles (hat tip: ProgressNC):
CHRIS WALLACE: How many cases have you had in North Carolina in the last year where people have been convicted of using transgender protections to commit crimes in bathrooms?
GOV. MCCRORY: This wasn't a problem. That's the point I'm making. This is the Democratic Party and the left wing of the Democratic Party --
WALLACE: But have there been any cases of this?
MCCRORY: Not that I'm aware of.
WALLACE: Have there been any cases in the last five years?
MCCRORY: Why did the Democratic Party in Houston, Texas --
WALLACE: But I guess the question is, forgive me, if I may, sir, why not just then let it go? If there's not a case of transgender people going in and molesting little girls?
MCCRORY: I haven't used that at all. This is an issue of expectation --
WALLACE : Well, you did say a boy who thinks he's a girl going into a girls bathroom.
MCCRORY: And that's where there's an expectation of privacy. When you go into a restroom, or your wife goes into a restroom you assume the only other people going into that restroom or shower facility is going to be a person of the same gender. That's been an expectation of privacy that all of us have for years.
WALLACE: But if there's no problem, then why pass the law in the first place?
MCCRORY: There can be a problem, because the liberal Democrats are the ones pushing for bathroom laws. And now President Obama and one of my successors as mayor of Charlotte wants government to have bathroom rules. I’m not interested in that. We did not start this on the right. Who started it was the political left. In Houston, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina. And now, frankly, in Washington, D.C.
Are you frankly not embarrassed to witness our hapless governor on TV?

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Brother Doc said...

This entire charade is, #1, an attempt to the get the rural yayhoos all lathered up and skeered and get them out to vote for GOPers in November; #2, to distract people from the other items in HB2 (excluding LGBT persons from anti-discrimination provisions of state law, and keeping municipalities from paying more than minimum wages) which are actually going to hurt more people; and #3 keep the media distracted from carefully examining the havoc that is being deliberately created by the latest GA budget, which continues to reward the rich with tax cuts and punish the poor with tax hikes while starving our entire state economy, infrastructure, education, etc., from needed funds.