Saturday, August 15, 2015

Why Do Republicans Persecute the Young Rather Than Try To Win Their Votes?

So a gentleman asks me at the Farmer's Market, "Why don't the Republicans try to win hearts & minds of college students instead of constantly trying to block their votes?"

Excellent question.

Why would Eggers and Aceto provoke a public scolding by the Chief Judge of the Wake Superior Court? Why would they act to invite the unbecoming label of "unconstitutional" to be attached to their official behavior by that same judge?

Why would they return to the exact same behavior and identical official decision to deny an Early Voting site on the ASU campus, which sort of begs for a new lawsuit that targets them personally for repeating their stupidity and acting to harm the constitutional rights of an entire class of citizens?

Why would they?

Why wouldn't they, rather, along with their Watauga Republican overlords, try to win the votes of college students instead of continually trying to squelch them? Why do they display hostility toward college-age voters in such a public way rather than send their ambassadors to this and other college campuses to persuade the young voters to their side?

Young Republican Tommy Adams spent many hours on campus trying to get votes when he ran for County Commissioner in 2012, but he lost. Why? Dunno, but it seems fairly obvious that whatever Republican candidates are peddling, the college age voter ain't buying.

Modern Republican conservatism evidentally turns off college students faster than an unbelieveably boring professor. Perhaps the contemporary Republican "brand" in North Carolina knows full-well that it'll never attract the young in substantial numbers -- at least, not if they're honest about what they intend to do in office -- and it's just easier to shut off ballot access for the 18-25 year-olds.


Anonymous said...

Besides, most of us recognize that if you can get someone to vote from 18 to 25, they'll vote for life. Discourage them, and they'll never get into the habit of paying attention OR voting. The fewer people vote, the great the chance their brand of politics will win. When more people vote, Democrats win (...especially if the districts aren't gerrymandered!)

Jus Sayin' said...

Great post. I agree 100%. Jeeze if those damned Republicans actually appealed to voters, it's likely we would end up with a Republican governor, 2 Republican Senators, A Republican congressman, A Republican state senator, A Republican legislator and a Republican county commission!

Thank GOD they have no appeal to the voters!

Anonymous said...

Jus Sayin' -- Yeah, and all the folks you mentioned are in the 18-25 age demographic. Way to miss (or conveniently ignore) the point.

Henery said...

I don't think I'd be bragging like that, Jus Sayin', at least not in public. Have you never heard of cosmic irony? Yes, the Democrats blew it and deserved the beating they took in 2010. But with the approval ratings of that bunch of Republicans in Raleigh now in the low teens, and with 2016 looming, I just wouldn't be bragging like that. Those Republicans expect their gerrymandered districts to save them, that and the suppression of certain groups of voters like college students. If Roy Cooper beats your governor McCrory -- for an elected office that cannot be gerrymandered -- that will end Four Eggers career running the local board of elections.

Dem12 said...

That's one bright spot- if Cooper beats McCrory, the local elections boards will revert back to Democratic control, and hopefully that means we can end these silly games and get back to making it easier for people to vote - not harder!