Monday, August 31, 2015

Back in Court This Morning

The 5-4 Republican majority on the NC Supreme Court ruled eight months ago that the gerrymandering of legislative districts was just fine by them. That decision was appealed to the U.S. Supremes.

The U.S. Supremes in the meantime ruled that a very similar redistricting in Alabama was unconstitutional because it relied too much on “mechanical numerical percentages while drawing legislative districts in which blacks comprised a majority of the population." So when the U.S. Supremes got to the North Carolina case, they sent it back to the NC Supremes and said you'd better reconsider your decision in light of our Alabama decision.

That all comes to a head this morning at the NC Supreme Court, but it you're expecting a different outcome this time around, from the same five Republican judges, then you probably also still believe in the Easter bunny.


Anonymous said...

The North Carolina Supreme Court only has 7 members. It is currently a 4-3 GOP majority (not 5-4).

Anonymous said...

If you are expecting accuracy from JW's opinion pieces, you are going to be really disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope you right on this one, JW.

LOL said...

Right? As in you hope there are NINE members of the NCSC?