Sunday, August 02, 2015

It's Sunday Morning. Do You Know Where Your Governor Is?

Sipping Koch in Dana Point, California, that's where.

The St. Regis
McCrory was one of seven sitting governors, six incumbent senators, and two U.S. House members who were singled out to cash in at a Koch Bros. "donor event" in California at the super-fancy and mega-pricey St. Regis resort. The hundreds of deep-pocket donors, the One Percent, will not be named by prior press agreement, unless they give express permission.

Here's the full list of elected invitees. All Republicans, natch.

"By press agreement"? The Koch Bros. are trying to rehabilitate their image as the Montgomery Burns of the Electoral Process, or as The Crypt Keepers at the Tomb of Democracy (take yer pick!), so they're trying to soften their public image and "reach out" more to the 99%. Bless their hearts.

Their maneuvering "toward transparency" ("We're the Super-Rich and We Already Own Your Government. We Just Want You to Feel Good About That") is detailed in this AP article.

A Ticking Time Bomb
The Kochs did not invite Donald Trump.

Trump's request to speak at a Koch-sponsored grassroots summit in Ohio was also rejected. "Additionally, his campaign’s effort to buy data and analytic services from a Koch-backed political tech firm was rebuffed, according to a Politico report."

Do you smell burning hair?

Is The Donald going to take this kind of treatment? Remains to be seen. Is he a weenie to other billionaires, or is a man?

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