Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Fracking Will Come to Western North Carolina

Not only are the Republicans in the General Assembly (and their toady in the governor's mansion) putting North Carolina on the fast track to hell (i.e., fracking), they've actually appropriated over half-a-million taxpayer $$ to help find the natural gas for the big companies that want to drill.

And where will the Department of Environment and Natural Resources be collecting rock samples, starting later this summer? Wait for it ... in western North Carolina, specifically the counties of Clay, Cherokee, Macon, Graham, Swain, Jackson and Haywood. Not on Watauga's doorstep ... yet.

All the talk that there was never much natural gas under North Carolina to be fracked never made much sense, considering the lust exhibited by the gas companies and the willingness of our Honorables in Raleigh to risk our water and sell out our future. We're likely to find out that -- lo and behold! -- there was always more gas to be robbed under our feet than anyone ever imagined.

And the General Assembly -- along with their toady in the governor's mansion -- have paved the way and are using our money as enablers of a rapacious, ruthless, nasty industry.

Where is the outrage?


brotherdoc said...

outrage here. that they would authorize before even putting regulations in place is outrageous, given the experience in other states where fracking is alreay going on.

E.Cook said...

I thought the only area of NC where there was a remote chance for natural gas was in the counties around Sanford, and even there it isn't for sure. Outrage, yes, since they are hoping for something to bail out their budget mess.

Anonymous said...

outrage here, as well. And my bet is the state will never see a DIME of revenue from this...just poisoned wells and screwed landowners. Oh, and our backsides - the wife is making noises about us moving out of state and taking our taxes with us.

Anonymous said...

Vote them out. Write them and tell them you intend to vote them out in Nov.