Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Court of Appeals Reverses Templeton Win From Last Year

The NC Court of Appeals has just reversed a Superior Court ruling last year which would have allowed Phil Templeton to build his methadone clinic on State Farm Drive very near the neighborhood surrounding the VFW.

This case has ping-ponged back and forth between the Boone Board of Adjustment and various courts since 2006.

Will the Court of Appeals decision end it? Probably not, as long as Mr. Templeton still has a higher court he can appeal to. We assume he gets pleasure out of paying lawyers when the object of his contempt is the Town of Boone.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how a few greedy and rich people (think Koch brothers, Art Pope, etc.) can ruin a community for everyone else. Since these fine local folks have taken over nearly everything, including Jordan and Soucek, nice to see right prevail for once.

Phyllis Templeton said...

Excuse me Mr. Williams. You are a scourge on our community since you spread lies and demonize those who do not bow to you…. you assume too much! THERE WAS NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER ANY INTENTION OF BUILDING A METHADONE CLINIC ON OUR PROPERTY. THAT SIR, IS A LIE. Please get you facts straight before spouting, call me if you need the truth. Please retract your untruthful statement and stop the hate mongering.
Phyllis Templeton

J.W. Williamson said...

Quite right. I should have said "rumored methadone clinic."

But I point out that back in May of 2007, in one of the earliest Board of Adjustment hearings on the proposed development, the Templeton attorney seemed to acknowledge some truth in the rumor, as reported in the Watauga Democrat:

"...Megan Carmody, a resident of Sunnyside Drive, spoke next and said her major concerns were the possibilities of what sort of medical business the clinic would conduct. Many residents expressed concern over the possibility of a methadone clinic or a 24-hour emergency care facility.

"[Attorney] di Santi asked Carmody if her concerns would be alleviated if Templeton restricted the use of the clinic from drug, alcohol or mental treatment and limited the operating hours to 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Carmody said those concessions would alleviate those particular concerns...."

(Watauga Democrat, 4 May 2007)

Anonymous said...

If not a methadone clinic, what is he trying get approval to build?