Sunday, October 20, 2013

Team Templeton, On the Comedy Circuit

Much laughter in some quarters over the Republican Party campaign mailer, "Elect the Sunshine Ticket" (pictured on the Watauga Conservative blog site).

Team Templeton, the folks who gave us a fradulent and ghost-written Board of Elections, is going to bring the sunshine back to Boone?

Burning question: why did they throw candidate James Milner off the bus, or under it?

We thank Anne Marie Templeton Yates for giving us inspiration for this Sunday morning music video:


Jesse Steele said...

And i'm sure in the spirit of sunshine the watauga GOP will be willing to investigate.

-Nathan Miller's illegal meetings with the other towns over the sales tax change.

-Anne Marie knowing about the BOE plans before the meeting

-Four Eggers impersonating his brother in an official email to the state BOE regarding rules changes that hadn't been voted on yet, but he seemed to know about before said vote.

-The many other instances where Four's fingerprints are all over documents written on his computer tied to the BOE plans.

Except they won't, since this has nothing to do with sunshine and everything to do with partisan tactics and nothing to do with what's really good for Boone.

Anonymous said...

They won't Jesse, bbecause there-is nothing wrong with what you are complaining about other than your personal opinions.

Dem12 said...

I don't know about that, Anon - Anne Marie Yates definitely knew about the BOE plans before the meeting, because she was quoted in the paper BEFORE the meeting ever happened. That is not an opinion - that is a fact!

Anonymous said...

It is also not a problem. Anyone can know how a vote will turn out by calling the individual members and asking their opinion son the issue.

Dem12 said...

It's amazing the lengths people will go to to justify the actions of these people. So it's OK that the chair of a political organization knows the agenda of the BOE before one of the MEMBERS of the BOE knows about it? I find it hard to swallow that you would be OK with it if it was Democrats doing that.