Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rand Paul Endorsed ... Who?

Greg Brannon
Kentucky Senator and self-certified eye doctor Rand Paul has entered North Carolina politics and endorsed Republican Senate candidate and self-described savior of lady-parts, Dr. Greg Brannon.

Brannon is an OBY-Gemnologist, or an ORYX-Gynocopterist, or ... well, he eats scrap metal for breakfast and he'll destroy government faster than the The Preacher can find Revelations 6:2 in his King James Version and certainly faster than that slickster Thom Tillis. It's the law now: all Republicans everywhere stand for destroying government at all levels. The candidate that can promise to do it faster is the candidate they want. Or at least that's what eye doctor Rand Paul wants.

So now, O my brethren, North Carolina Republicans will be dancing to Paul Rand's tootling right through next May's Senate primary. And can I get an "Amen!"?

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