Thursday, October 10, 2013

Asheville Will Be on The Daily Show

Don Yelton
We're told that the segment filmed recently in Asheville by "The Daily Show" regular Aasif Mandvi and focusing on voter suppression in North Carolina will be broadcast Oct. 23rd or Oct. 24th, and it will feature an interview with Buncombe County conservative Don Yelton. Yelton is already suspicious that he will be made to look "racist."

One wonders why he would think that. He knows what he said. If he's ever watched The Daily Show, he should know that if he said anything outrageous or stupid or "racist," it'll get major play.

The Buncombe GOP is even more factionalized and poisonous than the Watauga GOP. Yelton is part of the Tea Party wing, and he was kicked out of the regular Buncombe Republican Party last year. He's been some sort of local talk show host and enjoys describing himself as the "Rush Limbaugh of Western North Carolina."

You wouldn't expect the Rush Limbaugh of Western North Carolina to say something "racist," now would you?

Yelton has run repeatedly and unsuccessfully for public office. Apparently, he can't resist a TV camera or any opportunity to be in the spotlight.

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