Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Transparent Man

Watauga County Commission Chair Nathan Miller volunteered the following analysis of the county's bullying of the Town of Boone over sales tax allocation, to Steve Frank at GoBlueRidge:
"Unfortunately, it appears that the Town Council has decided to play the fiddle while Boone burns. But unlike emperor Nero, the citizens of Boone will have the chance to vote these people out come November."
So all of this backdoor dealing by the county (including the kick-back scheme, whereby the resort towns kick-back 60% of their new sales tax proceeds to the county), all in order to punish Boone for the sake of a wealthy special interest, has been about ... wait for it ... politics.

We continue to stand amazed that Mr. Miller thinks that his treatment of the Town of Boone is going to reap benefits for himself, the Templetons, and his political party.


Anonymous said...

Sooooooo transparent.

Anonymous said...

The battle has gone on long enough. Thank goodness our Chamber of Commerce has made their concerns known.

Anonymous said...

If a city council is so abusive that a county commission has to take steps to try to right the wrongs it does, it is pretty bad, particularly if the city is the county seat.