Monday, April 01, 2013

The Divorce Equivalent of Vaginal Probing

Are we finally past the time that Republicans can get away with saying (with a straight face) that they're for small government?

Vaginal probes for women. State control over cities. And now Sen. Austin Allran of Hickory and Sen. Warren Daniel of Morganton want to make you wait two years before you get a divorce AND complete courses on improving communications skills and conflict resolution.

Smaller government? Naw. More intrusive government of the pecksniffian variety. Moralizing, judgmental, we-know-best government that will only add to the Republicans' rich potential for hypocrisy and scandal. New Puritans with old habits.

What's next? Shall we bring back trials for witchcraft, or is that too tame for these modern Torquemadas?


Liberal POV said...

When will one of these GOP extremist move on to public stoning.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one will be unqualified to cast the first will, i suspect, everyone else on the planet.

Not Really said...

The current legislature seems bent on turning NC into a nanny state where they get to control not only who can get married, but also who can get divorced. I hope my friends with Libertarian leanings are paying attention and are up at arms soon, because this is a much more alarming affront on personal freedom than, say, a half-cent tax hike.