Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jerkwater Von Jerkington

Rep. Tim Moffitt, the Buncombe County Republican behind the seizure of Asheville's water system and the legislator who wants to criminalize women's nipples, has upped his jerk-quotient: He's bought up domain names for all 170 NC House and Senate districts and is doling these out to office-holders and office-seekers at a pretty penny. So far all his clients are fellow Republicans.

Moffitt also bought the domain for “Stopitmoffitt.com.” "A group critical of Moffitt’s efforts to force the city of Asheville to cede its water assets to the Metropolitan Sewerage District started that group."

“I just bought it to keep them from capitalizing on it,” Moffitt said.

His motivation for much of his political career: Stop someone else from doing something.

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