Thursday, April 04, 2013

Republicans' Voter Photo ID Bill Will Expand State Bureauracy

Republican Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis, this morning in Raleigh:

We're going to need a new department of state government, with 14 employees, to implement our plans for a voter photo ID law, which will "restore some measure of confidence," which Mr. Tillis and his fellow Republican radicals have labored for years to destroy, manufacturing mythical fears about illegals voting, in order to drive opinion polls toward requiring this totally unnecessary further hurdle to ballot access.

And, of yeah, it's going to cost you if you don't have the necessary photo ID. I see a constitutional lawsuit in all our futures!


Anonymous said...

Jerry, I read that the law pays for an ID after you indicate financial hardship. I think you are barking up the wrong tree here. The inclusion of multiple forms of ID and free ID for those that need one actually removes the disenfranchisement issue. The ironic thing is yes, it will add more bureaucracy when the republicans campaigned on smaller cheaper government. That is about the worst thing you can say about this. In terms of the bills being passed by this group this is probably the least offensive. So - Yay for not completely screwing things up with at least one bill.

brotherdoc said...

Have not read bill (have you, Anon?) but news reports say student ID from, say, ASU will be accepted but not, say, Wake Forest--public universities but not private ones. Why is that? Is that not discriminatory on its face?

brushfire said...

Can't you imagine the right-wing outrage if President Obama had originated this idea? Government bureaucracy! Taking our freedom! Burdensome regulations!

What a bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

You should know, BF.

'After nearly a century of growing and additional bureaucracies?

And now, suddenly, you are the soul of austerity and frugality?

brushfire said...

Bureaucracies are inevitable in a civilized state. We want bureaucracies that fulfill important functions, that promote the general welfare in some way. This new bureaucracy has NO legitimate function but is designed to interfere with a citizen's duty to vote.