Friday, January 29, 2010

Turd Blossom Does Raleigh

That monument to bad judgment, Karl Rove, was in Raleigh yesterday raising money for Sen. Dick Burr, who apparently needs help in the worst way.

Rove gave an interview to the News&Observer in which he opined that Republicans need "to address the kitchen-table issues that people talk about at home that affect their lives: jobs, the economy, health care, access of their children to college, how to pay for college, quality of life, the environment."

Look at that laundry list closely. When have the Republicans offered any substantive help on any of those topics? Why, Madam Virginia Foxx alone is a study in NOT helping. She votes against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, she votes against raising the minimum wage, she votes against extending unemployment benefits, she votes against college loans, hell, she votes against the School Lunch program! And "the environment"? Don't make us laugh out loud and choke on our tongues!

So we don't know which Republican Party Karl Rove is talking about, but it isn't the one currently sending Madam Virginia Foxx to Congress.


BikerBard said...

The Rethugs TALK a good game, but that's about it.  They gain political "capital" and then spend it on themselves and their corporate owners. The Tea Baggers need to wise up and really smell the "Turd Blossom."

craig dudley said...

the repubs do address their kitchen table issues; after the servants have gone home, or the children have gone off to bed, they speak about the poor corporations who need more opportunities to rape and pillage the average citizen. the top one percent have increased their share of the national wealth at our expense since reagan. they now own something like eighty percent of the national wealth according to some measures.
another kitchen table issue for the repubs, is how to take care of the war department. they now only have as much to spend as the rest of the world combined. we borrow that, if you ain't noticed. the obama spoke of a spending freeze but notice if you will, he omitted the war department. they need all that money for our empire in its hard work of making everyone like us. voting and malls and such.

RV said...

Could the great image maker be trying to lead the Republicans in a moderate direction?  A makeover is sorely needed!

BikerBard said...

Let them go, RV. They are their own worst enemy.

RV said...

So true, BikerBard.