Friday, January 15, 2010

Foxx Moving Farther Right

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx draws a Glenn-Beck-inspired challenger on the right, and the next thing you know, Virginia Foxx is planning on showing up at a Forsyth County "meetup" of the Glenn-Beck-inspired "912 group."

That's called cause and effect.

Anyone got an iPhone to go record her remarks in Rural Hall? Our guess is that V. Foxx is going to be moving even farther right than she already is, which means she may fall off the map of the known world. She will, however, want to keep those extreme opinions secret from the general public, or more specifically from moderate Republicans and independent voters in Forsyth county and elsewhere.

This a.m. the NYTimes has a long article up about the tea-party movement -- many diverse fringe and splinter groups, including Glenn Beck's 912 org and the guys who show up at presidential appearances packing guns. Some of that movement's savvier leaders are moving to take over the Republican Party from the precinct level up. We think this is a splendid idea. If they did that in Watauga County, however, they'd be essentially throwing out Virginia Foxx, since she runs the local party through her paid staff member who is also chair. We forget his name.


ouzelum bird said...

Just a follow-up on the * shiver * V-Foxx Twit(ter) feed: On Jan 13th she wrote:

<span>"Taxpayers to pay for Fannie, Freddie aid" TWT reports on the impact of federal black check to Fannie, Freddie..."</span>

Oh, I do love a Freudian slip, don't you? VF, your insular anxiety is showing....

feel said...

Feels good gop in charge.