Monday, January 18, 2010

Republican Trouble in Patrick McHenry's House

Vance Patterson of Morganton, who announced back last October that he would challenge incumbent 10th Dist. Republican Patty McHenry in the 2010 primary, has now opened an office in Morganton and hired staff.

The saving grace for the perennially embattled McHenry is that there's yet a third Republican who says he's running in the primary, a Salisbury dentist named Scott Keadle. In other words, all the anti-McHenry Republican votes get divided between two challengers, and McHenry sails through the primary.

Patterson's candidacy may be more entertaining than the dentist's, since he defines himself as a "serial entrepreneur" and has hired the reigning Miss Greater Wilmington as his fundraiser.


Yet another said...

Still no news on the Democrat who will run in NC-10? 

40M said...

whoever it is, they need to continue to hide.  No one wants their chicago style healthcare.  We are a free (or were) nation, those wanting socialism need to go to another country where they serve that up.  Vance is the the man to get things done, his background/histroy make a statement.  His creative ways and staff mark a new start.

BikerBard said...

 40M:Please... Rant somewhere else. "Chicago style". Please. Socialist? Can't you think for yourself or are Rush & Glenn thinking for you? You never lost any freedoms, unless you count the Bush Administration.

Mike D. said...

Would someone please call "not now" and let him know there is a Patrick McHenry thread going on here? 

Unless "not now" has found another outlet for his closet frustration (pardon my innuendo), he is usually the first to jump on and ride a Patrick McHenry thread bareback!