Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Queen of Crapola

A double-whammy of dumb lies from Congresswoman Virginia Foxx this week:

1. On Tuesday, Foxx did an on-air interview with right-wing talk radio host Bill LuMaye in which she essentially bragged about being a gold-plated bee-yotch ("I wouldn't last five minutes in the State Department"), declared (once again) that the Federal government doesn't "need to be in health care. We don't need to be in education," and claimed that President Obama is colluding with terrorists: "All the promises he's kept have endangered our lives."

2. Mailed at our expense another glossy mailer to every household in the 5th District in which she said she was for giving Americans access to the same health insurance plans that she enjoys as a member of Congress, among other liberal-sounding talking points. Flip the mailer over and you see a handy chart for comparing "the Majority's Health Care Plan" and "the Minority's" competing plan (if a total public relations mirage could be construed as "a plan"), with all the "NO" boxes checked for the Majority's plan and all the "YES" boxes checked for the Minority's.

She's a pip.

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