Sunday, January 24, 2010

Attacking P. McHenry as a Closet ... Lib-rul?

The 10th District website, Republicans Against Patrick McHenry, went live in May 2008. The anonymous writer rehashed several McHenry scandals that month (example: he was "photographed grabbing the breasts of known Lesbian activists whilst drunk" -- love the Victorian whiff of lace and lavender contained in that word "whilst"!).

The thrust seems to be that Patrick McHenry is really a liberal in Republican silk panties.

We do not believe there are enough Republican voters in the 10th District dumb enough to believe that to elect either of McHenry's two primary challengers on May 4th. Though, apparently there are enough of them dumb enough to peddle that particular line on a blog.

The way to defeat McHenry is as a do-nothing incumbent: "A lot of talk, a lot of TV camera time. No action. What has Patrick McHenry done for you?"


Max said...

Hey! Back off on Patrick! He has loans, property taxes, increase gas prices, boyfriends to keep up and a host of blackmail thugs within the Republican Party that will talk about Gender issues.....

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