Monday, January 18, 2010

Kissell's Vote Against Health Care

Myron Pitts writes in the Fayetteville Observer under the headline "Kissell's no on health care reform hasn't hurt him." Pitts is basing that take on Public Policy Polling results that show Kissell ahead by double digits of all his potential Republican opponents.

The most interesting factoid from that poll, however, is that some 44 percent of those polled, a plurality, "believe Kissell did indeed vote for the [House] bill."

Now that's a wrinkle! What does it mean that Kissell is winning among people who think he voted for insurance reform? What happens when they find out he didn't vote for the only bill that actually offers some reform?



Raven67 said...

Kissel is not the only one with the wrong stance on health care reform.Virginia Foxx and her inability to show concern for those with little or no health care needs a swift kick in the ass to make her wake up and realize not only she needs insurance.She is covered by the government so screw everybody else in her opinion.If the madam spent half as much time lobbying to help her constituents as she does increasing her personal wealth  she may actually do something good for once. Her stingyness knows no limits from helping those she should be concerned about in her district to gorging herself at the buffet lines and bringing home half the food for herself.No wonder she carries such a big purse.One wonders if that is for carrying money or food in?

Dot said...

"What happens when they find out he didn't vote for the bill?

According to Tom Jensen of PPP, Kissell's approval goes up to over 60 percent among all, (55 percent among Democrats aware of how he voted.)