Monday, April 26, 2004

Where Is the ACLU When You Need It?

Those of you who think America's in the hands of the Just and the Righteous and only the guilty have any reason to fear for the future ... take a look at what happened to a 15-year-old (15-YEAR-OLD!) kid in Washington state who expressed his inner Goth in some student art that depicted El Presidente as a devil launching a missle. Another drawing showed President Bush's head on a stick. His art teacher -- bless her meddling, small heart! -- told on him to the school administrators, who, in turn, called in police, who know a dangerous character when they see one, so they called in the Secret Service. (Story here.) "The boy was not arrested but the school district has taken disciplinary action." Our hapless 15-year-old has not only had his first taste of art criticism; he's gotten an indelible lesson in Freedom of Expression under the Bush Regime.

Whatever "disciplinary action" might amount to, it's clearly not enough. Oh come on! Can't we do better than a slap across the face? He looks like an "enemy combatant" to us and needs sending to Guantanamo. That'll sap the "art" right out of him!

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