Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Catholic Church Declares a Jihad

Catholic Cardinal Francis Arinze, a top Vatican official who was apparently speaking for his boss the pope, said last Friday that Catholic parish priests should withhold communion from Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, which everyone took to be a direct attack on Sen. John Kerry but naturally took in scores of others not so high-profile.

Cardinal Arinze was apparently not inclined to be embarrassed about making such pronouncements from the highest reaches of a church hierarchy that has spent decades covering up the busy world-wide grubbing of boy-buggerers.

And we note that his pronouncement also took in our own Governor Mike Easley, a devout Catholic who was known to pack a concealed handgun during his days as a prosecutor and who has about the same response to church thugs as he did to drug thugs ... i.e., "You have my sincere permission to pound sand." According to a piece in this morning's News & Observer, Gov. Easley "will not be deterred by a top Vatican cardinal's pronouncement that Catholic politicians who support abortion rights should be denied Communion.
Easley has always been comfortable that his belief in a woman's right to choose abortion is compatible with his Catholic faith. He attends church services every Sunday...."

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