Friday, April 16, 2004

The Toe-Sucker Lectures the Thumb-Sucker

Dick Morris, last heard from just prior to getting caught sucking the toes of a hooker during the Clinton adminstration -- rapidly moved himself, post-Bubba, from helping Clinton "triangulate" the Republicans to coaching Our Own Imperial Bush on how to rule by means of "perpetual war" ... THAT Dick Morris this last Wednesday seemed to be sneaking off the neo-con reservation. In his column in The Hill, Morris waxes woe-be-gone over the Iraq quagmire:

"By framing the choices in Iraq as 'staying the course' or 'cut and run,' Bush is injecting a self-defeating, macho false choice, which can only trap him into a downward spiral of casualties and political defeat."

Ummmmm ... "macho false choice" ... hurts so good!

"As the result of last week's events, Kerry eroded Bush's lead on the crucial question of who would be the better president to handle the war on terror. Before the blood-letting, Bush led 54-36; afterwards, his lead had dwindled to 51-40.

"America is aroused as it has not been in decades by the need to respond to Sept. 11 and destroy the forces of terror. But in Iraq, we are now fighting adversaries who recently sided with us against Saddam. The cleric we pursue [Muqtada al Sadr] had to watch his father die at the dictator's hands."

Add to the downward spiral of Bush's strut across Iraq his bizarre decision to derail the "roadmap to peace" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by giving Sharon everything HE wanted ... well, this is a fine kettle of fish you've dunked us in, Ollie!

Morris was indulging in perpetual war fantasies less than a month ago. Now Morris is matter-of-factly striking the gong of the Vietnam comparison, something your doctrinaire Bush supporter HATES to hear: "Terrorism is no longer the issue in Iraq, nor is Saddam. American occupation is the issue. It is our presence that is causing, not curing, the conflicts we witness every night on television. The solution must parallel the Vietnamization sponsored by Richard Nixon."

Why, Dick, we never knew ye!

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