Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Irony 102

One of my indelible memories from April of 1992 was the Pro-Choice march in Washington, D.C., during which a million protestors of the policies of Bush I, threw tennis balls over the White House fence. Directly across from the White House, on a corner of Lafayette Square, a man in shirt-sleeves with a lean (and very red) face screamed insults at us through a loud-speaker. That was Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, and for his time the most effective organizer around for the cause of greater government power in the lives of women.

Since then, he's branched out and become a major mouth fighting equal rights for homosexuals.

Wonkette today put us onto the story of Terry's own son Jamiel, who has come out as gay and written about Life With Father in Out magazine.

Terry has responded with his own essay in WorldNetDaily.

As irony goes, this is of the cosmic variety, sort of along the lines of old racist firebrand Strom Thurmond turning out to have a black daughter. Or assorted televangelists' swinging on the trapeze of sexual gymnastics.

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