Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Saturday-Before-Easter Document Dump

When do you know an administration is either (a) stressed to the point of cracking because of leaks or (b) ashamed of itself or (c) both? When it starts dumping highly classified, hitherto jealously guarded secret documents on a weekend. Most of Bush's environmental roll-backs, for example, have been announced on Friday afternoons, to ride the wave of the weekend past normal scrutiny by the news cycle.

So here, now, after all the stonewalling, is the Presidential Daily Briefing from August 2001, delivered a full month before 9/11 to El Presidente in Crawford, Texas. He was on vacation, get it? That's where he is now, too. This guy's on vacation a good deal.

At the moment, all I can turn up on the web are AP reports but no full transcripts yet.

The point is that the White House has maintained for years now that it had no inkling, no idea whatsoever, that bin Laden might be plotting massive destruction inside the United States of America.

This document dump either (a) proves the White House right or (b) proves the White House wrong. The question remains that if this briefing offers proof of (a), then why, dear brethren, would the president's handlers have tried so desperately for so long to keep this two-page briefing a secret?

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