Tuesday, April 06, 2004

$2,000 Will Get You ... No Silverware

In Charlotte yesterday, where El Presidente was collecting $2,000 a plate from the Truly Committed, the expensive lunch crowd found themselves a little non-plussed that NO SILVERWARE was offered to eat with. Then an enterprising young Republican noticed the small print at the bottom of the program and read aloud for the benefit of her tablemates (since most rich Republicans DON'T read, my dear!): "At the request of the White House, silverware will not accompany the table settings." No silver. No friggin' plastic, even! Eat with your hands, True Believers! (I'm not making this up: read it in the Charlotte Observer here.) Clinking of silverware, you know, like cell phones, annoys El Presidente. The gnashing of the teeth of the filthy rich, on the other hand, is like music!

What about protestors? "On the other side [of College Street from the Charlotte Convention Center], environmentalists, anti-war demonstrators and Democrats waved signs and denounced Bush. His limousine never came within sight of the crowd, which numbered about 100 at its high point." (Story here.) They too were eating (their hearts out) without silverware, but they enjoyed the meal more!

While Bush was talking jobs (it's morning again in Carolina!), the Charlotte Observer decided today to highlight the sour disposition of laid-off Pillowtex workers, which seems only fair. (Story here.)

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