Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Summing Up the Press Conference

First, I thought I'd go through the transcript of the president's press conference this evening and highlight the howlers that caught my attention. But that project degenerated soon enough in the late-night haze of his non sequiturs. And the growing depression. This man is just so clearly unprepared to be president of the fraternity, let alone the United States.

One cut-away shot of Condolezza Rice during the ordeal became my icon for the evening. She looked like she'd been bludgeoned by reality, sunk in her chair, wearing an expression of ineffable pain. A penny for your thoughts, Condi!

Casting about for print coverage, I came across an AP story filed by Mitch Stacy from Tampa in which he quotes the reaction of a retired businessman from Chicago, A.L. Reynolds, 68, who described himself as an independent and who watched the press conference with a group of black activists who are opposed to the Iraq war:

"I feel sorry for him," said Reynolds. "He has not answered one reporter's question, he has not apologized, he has an arrogant attitude and he's not going to change anyone's opinion with this speech. ... I feel very sorry for him and I'm scared for us."

That about says it.

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