Wednesday, August 03, 2022

What's the Matter With Kansas? Nothing! Absolutely Nothing!


This man gave Democratic prospects a huge boost

I went to bed last night knowing that the majority Republican voters in Kansas -- Kansas! -- were refusing to overthrow abortion rights in that state, in the most telling backlash against the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe. You poor-mouthing Democrats better start leaning in hard on the issue and learn how to talk to young women.

And the vote wasn't even close, as the poor-mouthers had predicted. Over 60% of the very large turnout voted for abortion rights. Almost twice as many people voted yesterday as is normal in a Kansas primary.

The lesson for North Carolina? where abortion rights are very much on the ballot in November? The issue cuts. It especially separates suburban Republican women from their party, and oppo researchers need to be finding those extremist, anti-abortion quotes by Republican office-holders and candidates and hanging them around their necks. Like this one: " June, [NC Senate President Phil] Berger and [NC House Speaker Tim] Moore called on Attorney General Josh Stein, a Democrat, to reinstate North Carolina’s ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy .... 'I remain committed to protecting the unborn and upholding the sanctity of life,' Berger said."

Virginia Foxx needs to eat some of her own words, too. She's a major turncoat on women's rights.

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