Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Madam Foxx: Oh the Derpitude!



Anonymous said...

Yep. Foxx opposes legalizing marijuana but may be the largest owner of cannabis stocks (Canadian Company, apparently) in Congress.

Anonymous said...

North Carolina used to be #1 in tobacco (which did a lot of good in many ways tax dollar wise and kept people on the land).

Now NC can't think it's way out of the decaying cigarette carton on the side of the road... to grow a medicinal plant that would allow people to be kinder and healthier. Let the people grow, not corporations.

Down in hurricane alley, I'd rather have hemp wash up to my porch than pig shit after a storm. I could use the hemp after that.

And you can make a living on a small piece of land; we can't have that!!!

My wife has leukemia and guess what plant compounds keep her white blood cell count down? Illegal here of course. WTF.

We have to keep that tough guy dominator mentality going. I thought Virginia legalized....ohhh, THAT Virginia....