Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Justin Amash Has Thrown Away the Scabbard

There's an old proverb I'm referencing: "He who draws his sword against his prince must throw away the scabbard."

At a packed town hall event yesterday in Grand Rapids, Republican Justin Amash (Michigan-3) got a standing ovation as he doubled- and tripled-down on his conclusion that Twitterman has committed multiple impeachable offenses. "My job is to protect the Constitution," Amash said to loud applause.

The 3rd Congressional District of Michigan is rated "solid Republican." The Cook Partisan Voter Index rates it as R+6, which means that in 2018 this district's voting results were 6 percentage points more Republican than the national average. Amash won this seat in the Tea Party wave of 2010, running as a tea partier, and he's easily held it ever since.

What did people expect at this town hall? A phalanx of Trumpists screaming at Amash for daring to oppose The Leader? Booing and hissing from Michigan Republicans who've all signed their loyalty pledge to Trump, probably in blood? That did not happen. Instead, Amash got applause and support for his courage for standing up for the rule of law.

Maybe Amash's bravery can become a thing in the Congressional Republican ranks? On second thought ... naw, ain't gonna happen. Those guys and gals are way too cowed now by Trump to stand up to him. We'd be almost satisfied if the ancient skill of reading got a refresher among Republicans, let alone the courage of calling out abusive power, greed, and lawlessness.

Accusing Justin Amash of being a RINO is just laughable. Accusing him of being "a loser," as Twitterman did, also defies logic, common sense, and a grasp on reality.

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