Wednesday, April 17, 2019

When All You Got to Run on Is a Wall

The primary for the special election in NC-3, Walter Jones's old district, comes on April 30th. Early voting has been going on since April 10th.

The Club for Growth has just endorsed Celeste Cairns, a certified public accountant and a first-time political candidate, for the seat, which may mean a lot, especially if the Club is planning a media blitz for her. She's pretty unknown compared to others in the race like Michele Nix, former vice chairwoman of the NCGOP, and current sitting members of the NC General Assembly Michael Speciale, Greg Murphy, and Phil Shepard. There are 17 total Republicans running.

Cairns is stepping forward as a Trumpist with this TV ad:

On the Democratic side, there's been a pretty energetic race between Richard Bew and Allen Thomas, though Democratic performance so far in the primary does not suggest a Blue surge coming.

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