Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday Update

From those good people at ProgressNC:
  • According to Democracy NC, about 431,000 North Carolinians cast their ballots during the first five days of early voting, compared to 410,000 in 2016 and just 298,000 in 2014. About 21,500 people have voted absentee by mail so far. 
  • Those early voting numbers include a 52% increase in white voters compared to 2014, a 52% increase in voters under age 26, and a 9% increase in black voters.
  • This is despite the fact that this year, only 27 counties had early voting sites open on the first Saturday of early voting, compared to 48 counties in 2016 and over 80 counties in 2014. This shows exactly why North Carolinians should vote against the proposed amendment which would create gridlock on the State Board of Elections and make it easier to roll back early voting hours even further.
  • So far about 196,000 ballots have been cast by registered Democrats, compared to 134,000 by registered Republicans and 121,000 by unaffiliated voters.

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