Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fear as a Campaign Tactic in North Carolina

Take a look at this fear tactic coming from the North Carolina Republican Party to a voter near you:

Dirty pool. The postcard puts on display the recipient's voting history, along with people who have other near-by addresses ... to scare the bejesus out of them that if they don't vote for the Republicans' Photo ID constitutional amendment -- and their "other 5 Constitutional Amendments," please note -- then the poor put-upon voter will be subject to having their dirty little secrets made public -- which this flyer just did, incidentally, at the hands of the NC Republican Party.

Dallas Woodhouse and the termites intend that this low-information voter won't bother to ask the obvious question: What does my voting history have to do with a Photo ID required for voting? Let alone a constitutional amendment about hunting and fishing?

Why, nothing whatsoever.

What Republicans are good at: spooking irrational fear with no grounding in reality.

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