Monday, October 08, 2018

Look at This Damn Good Democrat Running in Mississippi

For Republican Senator Roger Wicker's seat. Not to be confused with the other Mississippi seat up this year in a special election, the one once held by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, which will be filled in a special election after the November 6th election.

Way back in March -- like, a billion years ago! -- I profiled four Democrats who were talking about running at that time. One of those was David Baria, Mississippi state House minority leader. Some six Democrats eventually ran in the Democratic primary, and Baria came out on top after a run-off primary. The man sticks with it!

I like this guy! I like the way he talks and the forthrightness of his platform. Nothing mealy-mouthed about David Baria. (Dan McCready might take some lessons.) Take a look at his introductory video.

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Brother Doc said...

Well, miracles can happen. Guy's got the right attitude. GOTV.