Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Big Damage Done in House District 36

The ever smug Nelson Dollar
Chief Justice John Roberts (backed up by his Republican colleagues on the Supreme Court) rejected the special master's new districts in Wake and Mecklenburg counties yesterday, and here's the main negative fall-out:

A marquee Democratic primary between Matt Calabria and Jen Ferrell in House District 36, for the privilege for taking on Republican big-wig Nelson Dollar -- that primary is scuttled, because both Calabria and Ferrell are no longer in District 36, and for the moment at least, big-wig Republican Nelson Dollar is without an announced Democratic opponent. (Hattip: Jonathan Kappler's excellent 2018 Candidate Tracker.) District 36 was considered a prime pick-up opportunity under the special master's redrawn district lines.

Nelson Dollar, in his 7th term in the House, is senior chair of the House Appropriations Committee meaning he's the chief budget writer (boo!) for the extremist Republican redirection of a once-progressive North Carolina.

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