Friday, February 02, 2018

Desperately Seeking Candidates: NC Republicans Don't Like the Odds

Still image from video by Amanda Waterman and Martha Quillin,
from January 20, 2018, Raleigh
By my count, using the 2018 Candidate Tracker*, the Republicans currently have no announced candidates for some 46 NC House seats. By comparison, the Democrats are doing better, though clearly struggling, with 42 seats left empty. Is not that startling? That the Democrats are doing better in 2018 than the Republicans at recruiting quality candidates?

Democrats were incidentally better at it in 2016, too, though by a minuscule margin. In the General Elections of 2016, the NCGOP ran no candidate for 28 NC House seats (the NandO says 29). The Democrats left 27 House seats uncontested (28, according to NandO).

The two major parties two years ago -- dead-even in the candidate recruitment business. The two major parties today -- Democrats pulling ahead.

I know I'm just counting the NC House at the moment. I'll get to the Senate eventually.

WataugaWatch Profiles of some of the new Democratic House candidates (since 1/2/18)

*Published and updated by the NC FreeEnterprise Foundation, led by Jonathan Kappler, an AppState grad

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