Thursday, November 19, 2015

McCrory Admin.: They Think We're Dumber Than 2-Dollar Dogs

“It was inappropriate. It was uncomfortable. But there has been no quid pro quo and therefore no crime.”
--Secretary of Public Safety Frank Perry, testifying before an NCGA committee yesterday about comments made by Graeme Keith Sr. that he was owed something in return for his contributions to Gov. McCrory
Are you kidding me?

The estimable and also rich Mr. Keith said he was owed in a meeting organized by McCrory, and in which McCrory sat, to get the Department of Public Safety to reconsider its decision not to re-award Mr. Keith a profitable contract. Mr. Keith said I've given money and I'm owed out loud in that meeting, with McCrory at the table.

McCrory, far left, with Graeme Keith Sr.
next to him
McCrory says he was in a "side conversation" at the time, or was checking his smart phone, or was having his blood pressure monitored, or something distracting, but the bottom-line, The Guv assures us, is that he didn't hear Mr. Keith make that statement, because if he had heard it, McCrory now claims, he would have ended that meeting immediately, because the man in the matching red sweater that McCrory has had his arm around in public and on whose shoulder he has slobbered should know better than cause the top elected official to commit a crime.

It doesn't wash. It doesn't pass the smell test. And it's embarrassing to see members of the McCrory administration making excuses for this Royal Dumbass.

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You are WAY too kind!