Monday, November 02, 2015

Lessons in Chapel Hill?

Interesting breakdown of the highly charged struggle going on in Chapel Hill over development. The election tomorrow may see a wholesale turnover in mayor and city council, putative "progressives" who have allowed denser and taller building at the cost of evaporating support from the voters.

Supporters of the insurgent candidates in Chapel Hill "say the town is trading its longtime values for any development it can get, no matter the cost to residents from increased traffic, stormwater or added government services."

What's the biggest difference between Chapel Hill and Boone? There's no constant threat of a "local bill" in the General Assembly hanging over Chapel Hill.


Anonymous said...

Well said in regard to, "There's no constant threat of a "local bill" in the General Assembly hanging over Chapel Hill."

Let the local issues be solved at the local level. No town should have to worry that a law only affecting them is being decided by the General Assembly in Raleigh.

Lew Hendricks
NC House Republican Candidate
District 93

Vicki Boyer said...

Even in a reputedly liberal town like Chapel Hill, there are those who cannot tolerate change. This has happened here over and over again here. Every time something new is proposed, someone claims, It will destroy our community! None of the past changes have destroyed the community and I doubt the current changes will do so, either.

Town council never sought out high rise development. It came to them. And they have done a good job of wrangling concessions from developers.

It will be interesting to see how the election turns out tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dan Soucek is still fighting to abolish the ETJ, as I understand it.

The moment the ETJ is abolished - and given the climate in this state, it will be abolished at the higher court - the Cecile family will build an asphalt plant at Radford's quarry on Bamboo - across the street from the New River and close to many homes.

That's who Soucek is advocating for, polluters that rarely are in compliance with state and local regulations - not the people of the county.

I hope the Democrats find a strong candidate to oppose Soucek - he is so damaging to this county for so many reasons.