Friday, November 06, 2015

Ben Carson Now Leading the Pack in NC

Yep. In the latest ElonUniversity poll of slightly over 1,000 North Carolinians, Ben Carson pulls over 30% support from Republicans who say they'll vote in March's primary.

Pity former Strong Man Donald Trump. He's fallen to just 19%. That brand isn't wearing well.

But get a load of that Ben Carson brand! Christian triumphalism wrapped in the soft-spoken guise of a divinely inspired death angel who looks with disdain on the Jews for not shooting their way out of Auschwitz, who thinks prison makes you gay, who thinks that having health insurance under Obamacare is worse than slavery, who denounces evolution as the work of the devil, and who has certain astounding insights into the true function of certain world archeological monuments.

Not that I want to discourage this state's born-again Republicans from voting for this candidate. Perhaps he really is the "conservative Obama" that y'all have been seeking to lead you out of the wilderness of weak Bush/Boehner/McConnell Republicanism.

Assuming Carson's appeal to church-goers is not a polling mirage, he's going to inspire people in March who don't always vote, or even ever vote, because he represents righteous America besieged by godlessness. He can fly like St. Michael, the guardian angel, armor and drawn sword flashing in the sun, and some people -- perhaps a majority of Republicans in North Carolina -- will vote for that.

But he will not take the nomination, and what will become of those voters in November if their man doesn't ultimately make it? Will they also come out next November with the same sense of purpose if the Republican candidate is Rubio?

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