Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Watauga Board of Elections About To Get Even More Partisan

Heads up, Watauga County! Below are three documents showing steps the Republican majority on the Watauga County Board of Elections have taken to install "their boy" in the Elections Director position that Jane Ann Hodges is resigning from, after two years of harassment meant to drive her away. The third document below is the published "Agenda" for next Thursday's meeting. Please note item # 4, "Director Recommendation."

Their very obvious plan is to suddenly spring on us all a big surprise, and we think that will be a political operative put into a job that has been managed in a fair and open way by Jane Ann Hodges. This is being done with no advertising of a job opening and with no official search for a competent and non-partisan elections director. They had their guy picked out two years ago and intend to install him now.

Bill Aceto and Luke Eggers never stop with the shady moves. Only now, they intend to cast the results in every election going forward under a huge cloud. Who will possibly trust that elections in Watauga County are true and just?

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Oh Suzannah said...

HaHaHa! Did you see what Luke Eggers said to High Country Press? “I don’t know why there is this feeling of me trying to pull the wool over somebody’s eyes here. I don’t get it." Said the man who allowed his brother to write all board resolutions for two years while pretending it was his work.

Luke Eggers is really a kind of walking wounded man, and I could feel sorry for the way he's been used and abused by smarter people. But he continues to carry water for those bastards.