Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Has It Sunk in Yet That Your NC Income Taxes Went Up Under This Republican Regime?

His Holiness
Plenty of people are talking about how their NC income taxes have gone up under the management of those rosy-cheeked fake "tax-cutters" down in Raleigh, and now the talk is beginning to get into local newspapers. ProgressNC has begun to compile some of those explosions of anger.

Over at the WataugaConservative, Dickson commented:
"If you're in the middle-class in NC, the GOP have done nothing for you. Well... nothing good anyway, nothing to truly better your life. You've likely noticed that your State taxes went up this year... yours went up, not because of GOP changes to the tax rate, but because they hacked off many, many deductions... including the earned income tax credit."
Did they notice? Have they done their state taxes yet? Not that the masturbatory crowd at Watauga Conservative would ever admit it if they did notice.

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Jesse Steele said...

Just to add another JW?

My income taxes (at the same job at same pay rate) went from a refund of a couple hundred dollars to owing the state $11

Thanks for nothing Pat