Thursday, March 05, 2015

GOP Lost Wake County in 2014. Their Outrageous Plan To Get It Back

Chad Barefoot
Trudy Wade-ism is now coming to Wake County.

To recap, Guildford County Republican Senator Trudy Wade recently introduced a "local bill" to rewrite local election rules in Greensboro so that Republicans can win elections there (because otherwise they weren't winning elections there).

Now comes Republican Chad Barefoot of Wake County. He introduced S181 to rewrite election rules in Wake County so that Republicans can take back the County Commission, which they lost overwhelmingly in last fall's election.

I don't know why Republicans in the General Assembly don't just save time and declare that Democrats are ineligible for any office anywhere. Could that possibly be any more blatant and transparent than these constant manipulations of ballot access and voter suppression?


brotherdoc said...

This is the idiot who graduated from ASU and then married the daughter of the leading anti-abortionist in NC and is tool, a puppet who cannot think his way out of a paper bag. He would not have been reelected had he not run in a safe district with large $$upport from the right. One of his ASU contemporaries says he looks like Waldo, but unfortunately we know all too well where he is: totally in the pocket of Stam, Tillis, and the whole GOPer crowd.

Anonymous said...

Again, bad information for the faithful liberals.
Democrats for the past one hundred years plus have drawn districts that highly favor them to keep their corrupt power. All redistricting efforts are a total effort to the regain power they have lost. Liberal Democrats have forever lost so many Southern Democrats, never to be regained.
You also forgot to mention three of Wake commissioners are from a small area in Raleigh which is Barefoot opinion not a good thing.
The truth does matter.

Sustinator said...

"The truth does matter"? Then it probably matters that there is no precedent for what the Republicans/Barefoot are doing. Never in your wildest fantasy of being oppressed by Democrats will you find an ACTUAL case where Democrats sought to overturn the election of Republicans a mere four months after the election by redistricting the winners out of their win.

And taking the high moral ground of "they did it to us first" -- which is really your argument, isn't it? -- hardly proves anything very uplighting about the modern Republican Party.S

Anonagain said...

Yeah, the Democrats were SO effective in their gerrymandering efforts that they lost both houses of the general assembly!

Why do Republicans always say things like "Democrats did it for 100 years" as if it was the same group doing it for that whole time, or as if nothing else in the state changed during that time? Truth is, for the first 60 or so of those years, there were so many Democrats in this state that it was pretty much impossible for them to lose. They didn't have to gerrymander the districts. Let's talk about the modern era, shall we? Say the last 30 years or so. Show us one example of Democrats doing what these Republicans are doing right now. We'll wait.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats lost control of the State of North Carolina because of their corruption.

PS Seventy five percent of commissioners in Wake County live in less than ten miles of each other.

bettywhite said...

Democrats lost control of the state legislature for a number of reasons: they had grown complacent and were asleep at the wheel; the Republicans took advantage of midterm turnout and ginned up the anger against President Obama so that every election seemed to be about him; Democrats as usual didn't have a clear message and tried to hide from their accomplishments; the lingering effects of the recession made people blame the party in power (instead of the Republicans who actually caused the recession).

Anonymous said...

Betty White and Brother Doc are drinking moonshine.

bettywhite said...

And there ya go: when you can't debate with a compelling argument, just insult the person you're talking to. Classy!

Anonymous said...

When 75% of the commissioners live with in a fifteen miles area of each other, that is a very strong argument for Barefoot's bill.