Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pat McCrory Clears His Throat

Our governor had been dropping oblique hints in public that he's in a full-scale feud with conservative ideologue Phil Berger, dictator of the NC Senate, but now The Guv is completely out of the closet: "McCrory Slams Senate Sales Tax Bill" (the redistribution scheme which will hurt Watauga County and which is mentioned down-column).

Feuds can be fun to watch from the sidelines, which is definitely where Democrats live currently in North Carolina.

McCrory can take to stamping his feet too (those famous stepping-on-toes feet!), but he's no match for Boss Hogg, unless ... unless Speaker of the NC House Tim Moore joins forces with the governor and kills the Senate bill in the House. Which could happen.

Hell, pigs might fly in this "Raleigh of Republican Rule."

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