Saturday, March 28, 2015

Designer of Sales Tax Redistribution Law Admits He Didn't Understand His Own Bill

Sen. Harry Brown
We got the leadership in Raleigh that we deserve, North Carolina! Or at least the leadership that happens when sane people don't vote.

Senator Harry Brown (R, Dumbasfuckistan), the member of the General Assembly pushing the redistribution of sales tax revenue, just reacted with surprise when informed that his scheme will leave some of the state's major cities -- and our primary economic engines -- "with multimillion-dollar budget gaps."

From last night's posting on the Raleigh News & Observer:

"...few understood that language in the legislation would cause about half of North Carolina’s cities and towns to lose money.
"Brown, a Jacksonville Republican, acknowledged Friday that he is among them."
Way to write that law, Sherlock! But not to worry:
"On Friday, Brown said those projections represent unintended consequences, and he plans to revise the bill to ensure that cities and towns see revenue changes that largely mirror that of the counties they are a part of."
The government of "unintended consequences"! We've finally arrived, North Carolina! It's just anybody's guess where here is.

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"i am not stupid enough to understand other stupids ".